Strike a pose...


Allison is here for the weekend.  We wanted to celebrate her 20th birthday weekend together.  We sent the boys to church early and Allison and I took our sweet time getting ready.  Before we went into the car, she said, "Strike a pose mom!" She is such a fun girl to be around and I'm lucky to be her mama!  

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Family meal time!


Can you believe there are four out of six siblings here?  Yes.  ENK is number six! 


When we're together, we're always eating well.  They love to come to my restaurant and get an assortment of food!  Why wouldn't you want to come by?   The second photo is our Shabu shabu display at ENK's second sister's house!  Sister Sandra and Jochen are visiting from Hawaii this week so every other day, we're meeting and eating together! 

Edelweiss Sausage and Delicatessen!

I have a German brother in law with a thick German accent.  He was looking for certain German grocery items so I went hunting for one... Boy did I find a good one!  This was on Powell near the Ross Island Bridge!  I will take Jochen to this place next time.  He had me pick up couple of jars of Sugar Beet Syrup and some seasonings! 

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This is ENK's dinner.  Simple rice and eggs.  They say that this is a comfort for Japanese.  My father in law studied in Japan during his college years.  When he lived with us, I use to make soba noodles and oyakodon every week!  He loved these simple dishes.  You can use whatever vegetables you have in the fridge but basically it's saute onions and chicken with eggs on top of rice.  The secret is to make the dashi for good flavor!  I use Korean kelp dashima, onions in water and boil.  I add spoonful of Meme sauce, mirin and sugar  to flavor the broth.  

1.  saute chicken and onions

2.  make dashi 

3.  add egg mixture 

cook and serve over rice and sprinkle some scallions or furikake for presentation!  

I received a dozen fresh eggs from a friend.  I wanted to make something with eggs so I made this for dinner.  ENK who just returned from his "MANCATION" stated that he was the biggest dude there... and wanted not eat so much rice.  He wanted to not completely cut down his carb intake but eat a little less.  He's holding out his bowl yelling "NOT SO MUCH RICE SUE!" I added some spinach for more fiber in his diet!  Yes, we should all watch what and how much we eat!  But comfort food like Oyakodon hits the spot sometimes!


Bucket of pickles for days!


I bought a box of pickling cucumbers.  They were slightly dried up and were on sale.  Foolish me!  SALE always gets me like "I WANT IT"  What did I get myself into?  I think it was about 50 pounds of cucumbers.  I pickled the first batch in soy/vinegar/sugar.  I pickled the second one in traditional Korean oijee style.  Salt/Apple cider vinegar with apples.  I think I can feed the entire church!  I will boil the liquid one more time and transfer them into jars.