Say what?

Say what?This girl.  I have her on my screen so I can see her face.  She called today and out of the blue she said, "I think I want some chicken" Also, she said it feels as if she needs to come home after two nights away.... like from a Bible Camp.  :)  


We packed up and drove to WWU after church.  We never took a tour of the campus so we were unsure as to where her dorm was.  We stopped by Conard Hall and asked if we could take a peak before her move in the next morning.  One of the dean's staff was kind enough to show us around and allowed us to check out the women's residence hall. Her room was smaller than expected but clean.   This is Allison and dad in her room.  Walla wslla

Walla wsllaShe was very happy to have her bed made and her room organized before we left.  We attended President's welcome and luncheon before we said our good byes....

Walla wsllaConard Hall is behind.  

Walla wsllaWWU sign on the main road...  

Walla wsllaI think Allison is a perfect blend of dad and me...  This is a big day for our family.  Having two girls in college is bitter sweet.  We have done our duties to prepare Lindsey and Allison to be responsible and loving young ladies...   With heavy but thankful heart, we said our good byes to our sweetest Allison.  She will enjoy her years here. She has so many PAA friends who already came by to see her.  ENK just shed little bit of tears.... but remained quiet throughout our ride home.  May God be with you and may He be your strength.  


오이짱아지...You need a big Korean Kimchee basin or pot for this one!  Kosher Salt and apple Cider vinegar to make the brine.  

오이짱아지...After the brine boils for about 45 min, I added the fresh cucumbers into the hot brine.  It likes to float up so you need to press it down.  Now I know why my grandmother liked to collect round kimchi jar size rocks whenever we went out...

오이짱아지...See how the colors changed here? 


“OIjangajji” Recipe Credit: 

Smaller Batch: 5 pounds of cucumbers/9 cups of water/1 cup of salt/1 cup of vinegar/2 small apples 


"Sue's Go big or Go Home Korean Feed the village Pickle Recipe"

10 pounds 18 cups of water (16 cups is gallon so little more than a milk gallon jug)

2 cups of salt

2 cups of apple cider vinegar

4 apples diced


20 pounds 36 cups of water (2 gallon milk jugs plus a little more)

4 cups of salt

4 cups of apple cider vinegar


1.  Boil:  salt/ vinegar and apples

2   Drop cucumbers into brine

3.  after an hour of soaking, drop the cucumbers into clear jar and pour brine into the jar. Drain out apple slices. (let it cool)

4.  Next day, pour our liquid and reboil.  let it cool and pour it back into the jar. (Room temperature)

5.  Wait for one week to get pickled in the refrigerator. 



Trip to Seattle

To see the Pak's!! We went to see Hermann and his family then went to Auburn to see Sammy and Yvi!  

Trip to Seattle


Trip to SeattleThis is Ryan.  Kailani was not in the mood to be in the picture with us!  

Trip to SeattleSammy's Porsche 911 Turbo.  ENK approved.  Long story short, ENK's porsche was a lemon and it blew up on the Glen Jackson Bridge on the way to work.  He's okay.  The Porsche died.  It's hard to see ENK with a cheesy smile like this!  

Teenage boys.... vacancies We always have boys here now.  When they come, it's at least six boys.  When all the church boys gather.. it's over ten boys.  Having girls vs. boys.  Girls don't smell like these boys.  I'm sorry... but many, after they play ball outside and they all come in... whew!!! 

Lindsey and Dad at work...

At the AMEN free clinic in Portland this weekend.  Lindsey wanted to work with dad.  Dad was hoping she did not like it too much.  You see, he's discouraging her from going into dentistry.  Go figure!  :)  Lindsey said she didn't love it that much but loved working with him!  It was a good day! 

Lindsey and Dad at work...