Arturo and Johnny…


I have known these boys all their lives. This is Carmen's boys.  She came to clean our house in Tualatin when no one would hire her because she couldn't work without her babies.  She came to clean our house once in a while with baby Arturo.  I would feed and help clean up after him while she cleaned our house.  The boys are in high school now.  



When the kids were little.  We use to take them to Skamania Lodge.  Not for the food, not for the view, not for the biggest fireplace in the center of the hotel.... but for the pool.  Yes.  Indoor POOL!  We would check in and go straight to the pool for hours.  I miss my kids when they were this little!  

Randy is 20....

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No more teenagers in our home.  What a blessing he is to us.  He's in second year of college in TN.  We wish we can celebrate his birthday with him but he always says, "I want to celebrate with the girls... (meaning his sisters) "  Yes we shall in a month and a half.  Happy Birthday!

First Fiesta with Mariachi....

My Airport Cafe staff Maria was planning for her husband's birthday for days.  She invited me to attend.  Since I was home alone and had no plans, I went to her house after church. I had a wonderful time meeting her extended family... and enjoyed live mariachi band!  I didn't know about the culture of this.... they take requests, guests sing along, step up to sing their favorite songs.  

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Daddy and girls time...


It's a rare sighting.  ENK and the girls went to visit Hawaii komo for couple of days.  It's rare since Lindsey has a busy schedule.  She's been studying non stop for years in medical school.  Allison on the other hand is always happy to hang out and have fun with unnie.  ENK had Thursday and Friday off and Hawaiian airlines ticket ready to use anytime so why not.  They are having the best time together.  I don't think they hung out like this for days without me.  Randy and I will have a trip like this soon?  Where shall we go Randy?  New York?  Chicago?  I bet daddy would still like to go with us.  We'll say no.  


Shabu Shabu with Esther and Jeremy...


ENK wanted to eat shabu tonight.  Would you believe that I would prepare all this just for the two of us?  We invited our close friends over.  We love entertaining friends and eating together.  Love my Shabu Shabu split pot!  Look at Jeremy waiting patiently with his hands folded like a good proper young man.  It was indeed delicious.  


Closet is not finished!


The closet is not finished as you can see.  But ENK has put his clothes here.  I refuse to.  Why?  Because I feel like he would never get it finished.  He said it'll be easy to get it trimmed and painted... You can see his red tool bag.  He knows it's not done.  I love how it turned out though.  Look at the little vent on the bottom.  He is truly a gifted handyman.  I am thankful.