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Being disrespectful...

I am not into pop culture and believe me, my kids will tell you that I'm not hip on what's cool out there in the music industry.  But what happened at VMA award show was truly a shocker! Beautiful and talented 19 year old Taylor Swift was given the Best Female Video award when Kayne West took the stage and dissed her LIVE on tv! " Hey, I'm happy for you, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time."  Waching that made me mad!  Mad for people who are so disrespectful!   Later Beyonce was given Video of the Year award, she asked Taylor to return back on stage to finish her acceptance speech....That gesture moved me to tears! Beyond showed class!

Beyonce and taylor

How do you teach kids about respect?   Friends? School? Church?  Nope.  Parents.  Children are mirrors to us.  They reflect back to us everything we say and do.  That's scary but it's so true!  If I want my children to be respectful, I need to be respectful to them, to their father, and to others!   We are their role models. Kids, don't be like Kayne... nope, he's got to go back and learn some serious lessons on how to be a gentleman and learn some respect!