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What's in a name?

Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso

I copied the above name from Lindsey and friend's blog:  LACE  for (Lindsey, Alivia, Carlin and Elena)

Elena is their star writer and she's a brilliant writer.  She wrote about how she was studying about Pablo Picasso and found that his name was this long name. 

I was given my Korean name at birth:  Cho Soo Yon.  When my family immigrated when I was in third grade I was stuck with this given name, but my brothers got new cool sounding Bible names.  Soo Kang became Samuel.  Soo Ha became Joshua.  (My parents planned on naming him Joshua ever since he was born from his Korean name Cho Soo Ha)   I was feeling jealous.  My uncle wanted to be clever as well and named his first born: Cho Ah Ra.  Meaning "JOY or Happiness"  He wanted to name her Joy Cho.  But as a teenager, I said, "Uncle, Joy Cho sounds weird.  Just keep her Korean name as her English name.  Instead of Sarah, She can just be Arah" I thought I was clever.  Generation later, my brother Sam knew he was clever when named his first born after our mom and Jean's mom's names put together!l.  He named his first born, Cho Ae Rin.  He knew he wanted her name to be unique so he kept her Korean name as her English name.  But instead of the expected spelling of ERIN, he named her Aerin Samanath Cho. 

Okay, why the long blog on crazy names?  Well, At the sweet age of 8, I did NOT like my Korean name to be my English name.  "Why can't I have a Biblical name appa?  Why can't I be Esther, Helen, Mary or Hannah or Grace?"   He said that Soo is a beautiful American name!  He's met many Susans and Susie's in America and that was a great name for me.   I spelled my given name in English many times over and over again.  I did not like it at all.  First of all, it had TOOOO many OOOOOOOO's!  That was the first complaint.  SOO YON CHO.  I didn't think a proper American name should have so many O's.  So at the ripe old age of 9, I announced that I was now going to spell my name SUE AND I was going to change the YON to YUN.  I had to keep the O in Cho.  My parents said that it was cool. 

The second problem with my name  was that it was too short.  My friends started to call me SUECHO in highschool!  THey didn't even bother separating my name.  It was always, "Hi SUECHO!"  HMMMMM, I didn't like it at all.  I longed for a long name.  I longed for a name like Elizabeth or Victoria or Christina. When I was in fourth grade,  I wanted to be even Margaret after Are you there God? It's me Margaret.

When I married my ENK, I was going to hyphenate my name.  That would now make it longer.... until I realized that it would be Sue Choke Him!  I didn't want to start off our marriage with an assaultive name like that!  I was bummed and changed it to Sue Kim. 

But I had a dream.  I wanted my first born to have a long name.  I named her Lindsey Noel Hyunna Kim.  That's her legal name.  I'm proud of that name.  I gave her a first name, middle and a Korean name.  Maybe She will marry someone with a long last name and be Lindsey Noel Hyunna Kim Henderson Cunningham..  That's if she marries a non Korean.  But more likely, she'll probably shorten her name stating that it's TOO long and marry a boy with last name Oh, Im or Ko and be Lin Oh or Lin Ko.  With so many Kim's outthere, she can easily meet a Kim too. :) 

Ah, what's in a name?  ENK named our second born Allison but I made it longer.  Allison Leilani Jungah Kim.  Ha!  Others around said, "If you give her a Korean name for middle name, youdon't need another middle name!" I ididn't care.  My son's name is Randall Tyler Minkyu Kim.  Yup, all three's got a long name!  But Pablo Picasso's long name is way too long, don't you think?