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August 2020

My parent's backyard...


This is Yucaipa, CA.  My parents watched this fire from their backyard with a dessert last night.  They are chill about it.  It's like their third or fourth fire nearby over the years of living in So Cal?  #eldoradofire My dad sent us a text.  Fire.  Watching.  It's far away.  We okay.  

ENK's new practice...

IMG_5941 IMG_6057

We bought a new dental practice to merge with our existing small practice.  I didn't think ENK would want to work more but the opportunity of owning his own commercial building was ideal for his current situation.  Due to Covid-19, future is uncertain but this merger seemed like a great opportunity for his practice.  So, we closed this week.  Our church leaders and pastors came out after church and had a short and sweet building dedication.  Prayers his practice, his staff and the neighborhood around us.  We lifted up prayers for us to use our gifts and talents for His glory.  

Randy begins college...

We dropped Randy off in college in TN with my niece Audrey.  They were two peas in a pod growing up and now they are starting their first year in college together.  It was a bitter sweet moment to actually say good bye.  We were assured that they are in a good place.  We were impressed by the campus, the little town of Chattanooga and this Adventist Institution.  We know God is in control and that we pray for safety and a great school year for them.  

Randy's cars...


When Randy was three years old, we took him to this tiny Korean beauty salon in Beaverton.  He would take one car every time he would get a hair cut since that time.  These are his collection of cars over the years.  She said that when he leaves for college, he can collect it all and donate it.  Randy found a barber shop near home and he hasn't gone to her for years.  However, this is ENK's beauty salon for close to 20 years.  Every time he goes, she asks about Randy.  how time flies.....  

Another transition....

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Enk is consolidating his current dental office with another bigger dental office 2 miles away.  This means, that we need to send out massive letters to patients letting them know that we are moving as well as letting the patients know their dentist is retiring.... We volunteered to help the retiring dentist with the tedious task of stuffing and getting letters ready to be shipped out.  This is not our first rodeo... we've bought and sold dental practices more than four times?  

Family time...

10BE4C72-135D-469E-B78D-54F11D478649 IMG_5491

We took a short trip up to Mt. Hood in the afternoon.  Initially, Randy was not wanting to go but he knew this family time together would be meaningful for mom.  We had Lindsey and Mick visit us for couple of days and I wanted them to experience the beautiful PNW scenes.  They had a hard first year of medical school and I'm so proud of them for completing their first year so well.  Allison was home with us most of the Covid quarantine times but it's always good to take the time as a family to be together.  We took a Korean style picnic lunch and ate by the lake.  Quick selfie by the lake.... 

Tofu Spring Rolls....


This is my all time favorite.  It's tofu spring rolls.  It's simply made with tofu, crunchy veggies with peanut sauce... but it's so good.   I need to figure out what they put in it to make it so delicious.  Unlike others, these salad rolls have crunchy onions!  I will replicate these!  I always say that I will look closely inside but I get too hungry and end up eating it all up!  Wok Shop Kitchen: I need to learn how to make this!