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February 2021

My mom's visit to PDX!


She didn't get to visit me all last year.  She was thrilled to finally get her dental work done as well as visit us for the first time while we are "empty nesters".  She kept repeating that it's so weird to have no kids around the house.  There was a time when she came to visit us while we were out of town on our trips to Europe.  She would help with kids drop offs and pick ups.  She is no longer driving around here anymore ..  Due to covid, we are not taking any changes in going anywhere.  She is double vaccinated so I am thankful for her visit!  

You're not an American....

Talking to my customer today about what we would like to do once this Covid-19 pandemic is over... I told him, "of course, I want to travel to Europe!"  I quickly added, "but they don't want Americans right now!"  Customer answered back, "but you're not American!"  I gave him the look, "look, I AM AN AMERICAN, US CITIZEN"  He didn't mean to say it in a racist tone, but unconsciously, he is saying you don't look like me therefore, you're not American!  Ya.  

Gift for Mick....

What kind of machine is this?  It's a wood engraving machine.  I found two vintage teak bowls at an estate sale this week.... Decided to get it for Mick and Tom.  Not that they would particularly like this but I thought it would be cool to have their names engraved in it.  

These bowls are made by Dansk, a Scandinavian company who worked with designer  Jens Quistgaard to make these bowls maybe in 1950-60's.

I gave the bowls to my woodworking customer, who engraved Mick and Tom's name inside the bowl.   Happy 25th Birthday! 

Weekend in SD...

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Sunshine is good for the soul!  Loved this quiet weekend with Lindsey and Allison.  ENK spent three days playing golf and enjoying his time with his BFF Mike and nephew Daniel.  While it was cold and raining in PDX, we enjoyed a 70 degrees weather in La Jolla.  Loved the La Jolla's Taco Stand tacos and Phil's beef ribs!  Thankful for this sweet time with friends and family for us.