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May 2021

Quick trip to So Cal...



It was a busy weekend in Loma Linda.  We helped the girls move into their new home, celebrated Audrey's birthday, celebrated mother's day, visited my 102 year old grandmother... whew!  It was so great to be with our family!  Randy finishes first year of college!  It was a nice reunion with all the cousins and grandparents! Thankful beyond measures! 

Home renovation...Phase III

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We are closing our master bathroom and turning it into a bedroom by the front door.  Our guest room will have a view of the river.  We are converting Randy's bedroom into our master bathroom... opening up a big ensuite for us!  We are living in a dust storm.  We wipe, dust, clean the floor... with little use.  I  need to go select tiles and materials again for my white bathroom.  

My girls....


I love this picture of my girls.  They lived together in this Prospect rental house for two years.  Lindsey finished her second year of medical school and Allison was her biggest supporter.  I am so blessed to have my girls in my life.  What a gift they are to me!  We are moving out of this rental and into our  new home...  Thankful for the memories made here.  

Beautiful salad


This salad was not made by me.  It was not from our restaurant .  It was from Troutdale's Sugar pine Drive In Restaurant.  I just loved the colors.... I need to explore new menu items for Airport Cafe.  Perhaps use Watermelon raddish?