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Delicious fruit cake...


It's rare for us to find fresh delicious fruit in the middle of winter.  But we go out of our way to find it for our Airport Cafe customers.  This is their third cake in 6 months.  They love it so much that each office birthday, they request this "fruit" cake.  Maria does a great job in putting it all together!  

Fire: 4/26/29 4:40 am


I got a call early morning from my property management.  "Sue, your restaurant... fire"  That's all I heard.  I called Uncle James and headed out the door.  I experienced shock and sadness as I saw my beloved Airport Cafe filled with smoke and ashes.  The building didn't burn.  The fire did not spread.  But the damage... it was pretty bad.  Still unknown reason... probably electrical related.  But why would it catch on fire in the morning hours like that?  Nothing was left on,  nothing was cooking or was used.  Still a mystery to me.  No one hurt.  No other offices burned, just smoke damage.   But I have gone through this before.  We will rebuild.  

Airport Cafe lunch special....

I often take pictures of the first lunch special that goes out. This is a quieter time after breakfast rush and 11:00 a.m. lunchers slowly come in...  This is our Friday's Kung Pao chicken (APC version;  Not really Chinese authentic but modified by us)  This is served every Fridays, and on some lucky days, I have fried tofu version  of this!   


Vintage car collection...

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Grandpa John invited Randy to come and see his car collection today.  There are 17 cars.  Old cars Randy has never seen before...  Grandpa John took the time to explain the uniqueness of each car to Randy and showed off his massive collection.  The Ford truck above won Best in Class this last weekend at the Portland Auto Show.