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Character day...

Randy is dressed as an 11 year old Korean boy from 1472... a character from from Linda Sue Park's book....The Kite Fighters. (I borrowed this hanbok from my neighbor Grace, thank you!) Randy had no problem wearing this pink outfit. He was actually proud to be a Korean boy, wanting to make sure his money pouch can be seen.... He's wearing it to school for 4th grade Character Day oral presentation! February 2012 004

He went up to Grandpa and did the Korean traditional bowing...G pa said Randy needs a hanbok of his own! He looks good but he won't be wearing this again. Maybe when he gets married in 20 years?


I have been so been blessed by this book this week.....Strangely, I have never read Thessalonians before It is written by Apostle Paul to the people in Thessalonica (Modern day Greece) after he left them abruptly due to persecution. He wanted to let them know that their meeting was not in vain and that he prays for them day and night. He urges them to keep faith, have hope in Christ's return and love one another. The words to them was so loving and so tender. I think the final instructions in chapter 5 is so applicable to us now!

Did you know that "Be quiet, mind your own business and get busy!" was so Biblical?

"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you" 4:11