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Church Camping 2019...Beverly State Beach Park, OR

Roc youthpc: Jasmine C. 
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Oh ya!  Camping fun!  We have been camping at Beverly State Beach for over 13 years.  Randy is entering his senior year in highs school and each year, ENK and think... would this be our last year enjoying camping with families at this beach site?  We will probably return again as empty nesters.  It's different without kids.  I have been doing the camping logistics for many years.  When there are more than 80 plus  campers, it's not an easy task.  But I have been doing this for so long that it's just routine.  I love to make things go smoothly.  Camping wouldn't be fun if things are not brought, too little food, lost campers, unknown process...  Before any one of us head out, all things are spelled out.   Camping food is soooo delicious!  We had kimchi fried rice,  big pot of chili, big pot of Korean soup and grilled corn that was delicious!  

Pots of Curry for 100!


Sometimes, it just has to be done.  Yes.  I made pots and pots of curry for church potluck.  Yes, I know. I don't have a kitchen.  Yes, this is Airport Cafe!  It was enough to feed the masses today!  I don't even want to think about curry again.   Vegetarian curry served over rice for 100 plus.  Yes! IT can be done!