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Mexican cornbread...

Mexican cornbread...

Mexican cornbread...

Mexican cornbread...

Mexican cornbread...

It's my day off today... I have cornbread and black bean chili ready for dinner... I miss days like this!

This was an easy recipe:

2 boxes of JIFFY corn muffin mix

Saute: diced small onion, 1/2 red pepper and 1 jalepeno pepper (pinch of salt)

2 eggs

1/2 cup of oil

1 cup of cheddar cheese

1 can of cream style corn

1 can of sweet corn (drained)

Mix well, lightly grease baking pan and bake 350 till lighly golden about 35 minutes!

My favorite...

Of all the bedroom makeovers I have done... this is my favorite!Mb4

Wall built-in finally finished for more storage...I'm thinking of putting wall paper on the backs of the bookshelf or on the wall above the built-in....... something eye catching...

In all the rooms in the house, shouldn't your room be your favorite?


Do you love it?

I'm helping a girlfriend with her new house.  What was asked of me is something I love to do, so it's my pleasure in puting things together for Esther.   I searched all over town for that perfect bedding and coordinates for the 3 bedrooms.   Esther loved hers but Elena was not sure about it.  I did not hesitate to say "pack it up and let's find something you love"    Ally on the other hand loved it. (I knew I couldn't do anything with Ally unless she loved it....) When Ally was a little girl, she would tell her mom, "Mommy, I don't love it" ... even for something small like a piece of bread.  Esther would say, "why do you have to love it so much?  I just want you to like it!"  Little Ally would answer back and say, "mommy, I still don't love it!"  Just thinking about little Ally makes me laugh.   Ally knows what she wants.  So with this room makeover, I got her permission to go ahead with this color and design.  I went to Home Goods and found coordinating accent pieces and a flower canvas art to put up over her white bed.  (I love Home Goods.  But things move fast)

I started my pile of Ally's collection of beddings and things in my office.   That art piece of Ally's caught my eye.  I picked it up and placed it in my family room over a small console table.  You see, I painted my wall slate/green/blue 2 months ago.  However, I didn't love the framed pictures I picked up.  I changed the art over the table 4 times already.   I just did not like how it looked against the painted wall.  The last picture went back to Fred Meyer last week.  I tried modern art, it didn't work.  I tried trees in the wind piece, it didn't work.  I tried to put a mirror above it, it didn't work....  I wanted something fun and colorful for the room.  So when I put up Ally's art, I loved it!  It made me happy to see the orange/red/yellow flowers against my blue/gray wall!  I think I'll keep this one! 

Now the question is; what about Ally's wall?  Well, I did tell her about this and she just thought it was funny.  Maybe I'll find it again....or go find something else for her room.  For now, I love it! 

 SEPTEMBER 2011 016


Transitional style...

Remember two years ago when I didn't know what style I liked and I was torn... as to how I should decorate my house?  Well, I learned that I liked Transitional style.  After two years, I am convinced that this IS my style.  I would love to take on another project.  Maybe decorate someone else's house? Anyone?   I found a design blooger j steinberg design who wrote about this particular style on her blog:

“Transitional” combines the best of both worlds- the calming and clean aspects of Contemporary with the warm and very tailored look of Traditional. When I design a Transitional interior, I like the bones of the space to be more traditional, and the decor and furnishings more Contemporary. Taking color and style direction into consideration, this is usually a good balance of the two. Mixing these two styles creates a backdrop that is both casual and formal. To me, Transitional design is a very American look. After all, the concept of casual elegance was indeed born by Americans.Living room1
Transitional style living room

Bedroom 1 
Transitional style bedroom

I found this wall decor at Z Gallerie: Zplque
" A Z Gallerie exclusive, our refreshingly clean glossy white Lotus Flower plaque will give a lift to your tired walls. Definitely more effective in pairs, or better yet in quadruples, it is meant to partner with its companion white Chrysanthemum plaque. 13.5” x’ 13.5” x 1.5” and formed of white lacquer coated resin."

This piece and another one that's a set to this one... would be stunning in a dark chocolate wall behind a tan sofa with crisp linen drumshade lamps on each side.... I love floral and leaf motif. 

But you know, not all flower wall decor is the same you know....  Floral 80s

This is an 80's floral gone wild room.  Believe it or not, I would have loved a home like this.  In fact, I remember staying in a little cottage in San Luis Obispo called Apple Farm Inn with decorations like this!

Double it....

What do you do when your dining room chandelier is not even with your dining room table/chairs? We had to install the lights waaaaay before we purchased the set so what to do.....  We thought of moving it.  We thought of getting a wide chandelier to give the look of being in the center...  then ENK saw another episode on HG tv and saw one designer put two chandeliers over the long dining table.  "Ah, we can do that! Let's just get another one!"  Luckily, I knew exactly where I ordered my light from and they still had it on stock at  Overstock.com.  ENK worked hard to put this baby up just right...  Now we have two chandeliers over our table and NOW it looks centered.  Did anyone notice that it wasn't centered?April 2011 120