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Mung Bean Pancake aka "Bindaettuck" ...


I made this for the first time.  I didn't know how much of mung beans I needed to grind.  At first, I made it too coarse, then I had to soak more beans and added to the mix.  This process took little longer than anticipated.  But the end result was that it was delicious.  It was thick just like the Kwangjang market style from our Korea trip last year.  I diced flank steak and seasoned it, added kimchi, sprouts, scallions and carrots.  If you have Korean pancake mix,  you can add it to make the consistency to make it thicker.  I had to add a cup of this boochim garu, and this did the trick.  Since it was my first time, I didn't quite know how to make it thick like a pancake batter.  Overall, loved the taste and the texture.  Glad I had the coarse mung beans with the second batch of creamy mung beans!  


Korean "Pat Jook"....


I recently purchased a bag of red beans.  Why?  ENK wanted me to make "Jjim pang" .  But after seeing the red beans, I didn't feel like looking for yeast and spending time to make this for the two of us.  So for two days, I contemplated this and decided to make pat jook.  But before I make anything, I like to "research" various recipes.  This took two days.   I have a 101 year old grandmother who lives on pat jook every single day.  So my mom who is her caregiver makes pat jook for the week. There are some basic recipes in Korean and in English.    I found a super easy Instant Pot/Vita Mix recipe that makes it super easy but somehow, it didn't seem right.  I wanted to find a traditional way of making this jook.  I researched here and there and watched Maangchi 's recipe. You can cook the red beans in Instant pot but try making it in a regular pot so you can compare it yourself.  I like this Korean Recipe version that you can watch. 

"Pat " Red Beans or Adjuki Beans. "Jook"  Porridge 

Buy a bag of Pat from your local Korean/Asian Market. Rinse the beans couple of times. Traditional videos always say to watch out for little pebbles but I have never seen one.  In the olden days, I'm sure they had mixture of stuff in the beans.  No need to soak, but PAR BOIL for about 10-15 min and rinse.  IF you don't boil and rinse, it can have a bitter taste.   BD82CBE0-5D2C-4B71-9D9A-5B7975123168 (raw beans) 5B5FB743-4973-4AFC-9B31-59EFC812101A When you par boil, it will look like this.  
Meanwhile, make 2 cups of MOCHIKO powder in a small bowl, add a dash of salt and slowly add a cup of of hot water.  NOT COLD, but HOT.   Make a mound of dough and wrap it in plastic for about 30 mins.  You can add more powder and water combo to get it to doughy consistency.  Don't worry too much about the measurement.  Train your eyes to visualize what a dough should be...  
IMG_6163  While the pat is boiling....You can now roll this into long sausage and cut it into smaller pieces.  Make little balls like this: IMG_6164
IMG_6163  About 2-3 cups of beans, about 10-12 cups of water for about 1 hour.  Drain the beans but keep the water. Let it cool.  My first pot of pat jook, it was too watery.  I didn't soak enough beans.  I made another batch and made it with more beans.   
IMG_6163  It should be really soft, like you can squeeze the beans out with your finger tip.  In a colander, over a larger bowl, mash the beans so that the bean pulp will fall between the colander.  Add the liquid into the beans and mash it.  You can wear gloves and use your hands. Some people like it completely smooth like a smoothie consistency.  (discard the skins after you squeeze out the inners) I like a little chunks so I save about a cup and pulverize it in vita mix to give it a little chunk.   You can add it later when making the jook. 
Adding the soaked rice is optional:  With the liquid from the pat,  add the soaked rice and cook.  If you like it, add it.  If you don't, don't worry about it. To me, the rice makes it substantial.   I didn't like the look of "bop" in the porridge so I quickly used food processor to chop the soaked rice... Maangchi does not put rice in her jook.. She added more rice balls. Cook on medium heat until it boils, making sure it does not burn.  Stir stir stir.... Burnt pat is no bueno.  When it boils, add the balls in. Now simmer until the balls float.  As long as the balls are cooked, it's done.  

 Season it with salt/little bit of sugar according to taste.  I learned that you can thicken it by adding mochiko powder/water and thicken it if it's too watery.  Also, if kids eat up all the balls and you want to add more, make more.  You can just use water to boil the balls/cook it and then add them to the jook later on.  There is no exact recipe if you never make this on your own to see what it should be.  Making traditional pat jook takes practice .... train yourself to trust your "eyes" in cooking!  You can do it! 

Bag of pat is around $6.  Mochiko box $2.  You can make a huge pot of this and share without spending a lot of money. Maybe that's why Korean gma's love this so much!  The best way to learn is trial and error.  Adjuki beans are so good for you!   Make this for your parents, grandparents, church members, other moms...  

Traditional Korean Pot....




I found this kamasot.  It's a traditional Korean pot.  I make rice in it.  It's pretty easy and pretty fast.  Yes, we have electric rice cookers, but sometimes, I just want to make a little bit for ENK and myself.  Traditional iron pots are normally very heavy, but with this German engineering, this cookware was made for Korean home cooks!? It's strange how the box advertized that it's gourmet cookware from Germany, like if that's better than Korean made?  I took a picture of the box for my record.  It says it's made of iron and it's dishwasher safe.   So far, I love it.  The price was $34.99.  I think it looks really cute.  

Lentils and rice...

Lentils and rice...

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Last Sunday, we went to this fabulous birthday lunch at Erina's house.  She catered Lebanese food... It was quite delicious.  Never been to a Lebanese restaurant before but it was all in the same family as Mediterranean dishes.  I loved this lentils and rice dish that I went to get more of.  It was simple rice and lentils with grilled onions. I was determined to replicate it.  I used half of Trader Joe's lentils, 1/2 cup of long grain rice, caramelized sweet onions and seasoned it with salt and peppers.  (You can use Basmati rice with ground beef )

After doing some online research, found something similar.  "Adas Polo" a popular Persian comfort dish that is usually prepared with saffron and raisins!

*Thanks Susan: Mujadarra:  I like this blog recipe!  I think I made it exactly like this even without looking this up though... I didn't use cumin but I think I will next time!

Maeungtang: Rockfish Anyone?

Fish Stew for dad... Fish1
I make this stew for my dad everytime he comes to visit me here.  I always get my fish from Uwajimaya in Beaverton.  The Rockfish that is red with bulging eyes can be scaled, gutted, and cleaned at the store.  The fish monger can cut it up the way you want it.  (If they ask if you want the head, just say yes) .... it adds tremendous flavor to the stew.  At Uwajimaya, it's about $4 a pound and my fish was around  5 pounds. 
Fish3 Fish2
At times, I make it really red with less soup and at times, I make it with clear broth.  He likes it both ways!


1 Rockfish cut in pieces

1 large Korean moo (raddish)

1 bunch of Minaree

1 bunch of Sootgat 

1 Enoki mushroom packet

1 green onions 1 onion  2 chili pepper

5 clove of garlic

1 small ginger

salt and pepper to taste, 1 spoonful of kochujang, 1 spoonful of kochugaru, 1 spoonful of Korean dashida. (optional: dried kelp soaked and shitaki mushrooms soaked)

I cut up moo and sprinkle salt, pepper and kochugaru.  Let it sit for 20 min.  Boil moo and onions and make stock.  Place the fish in stock.  Put in the vegetables when fish is almost done. 





Can't you see the humor in this?


 I got home from the grocery store and was surprised that someone loaded the dishwasher.  ENK said that he told Lindsey to help mom around the house!  Well, she tried.  My girls have unloaded the dishwasher many many times...  but I have never had them load it.    When I saw the machine spilling out big soap bubbles, I was mad!   I was furious. Lindsey hugged me and said, "mom, can't you see the humor in this?" I said, "NO I DON'T!" As I yelled back trying to wipe all the soap off the floor. She said it was a "rookie" mistake!

But you know,  it's not her fault.  I didn't take the time  to teach her!   I expect my daughters to know things just by watching me... but that's not true. I need to take the time to explain certain things in the kitchen and certain domestic chores. I only have three years left with Lindsey. That's it! After she goes to college, my time is gone! Then I was not mad but kinda sentimental and sad. I do need to find the time to laugh and teach my girls... Yes, Lindsey! I will see this picture and this blog and find the humor and joy in being your mother!