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Quick trip to So Cal...



It was a busy weekend in Loma Linda.  We helped the girls move into their new home, celebrated Audrey's birthday, celebrated mother's day, visited my 102 year old grandmother... whew!  It was so great to be with our family!  Randy finishes first year of college!  It was a nice reunion with all the cousins and grandparents! Thankful beyond measures! 

My number 2 and 3...


This is Allison and Randy.  My number 2 and 3.  Yes.  At times, there's no love.  But deep down inside, they love each other and care about each other very much.  Lindsey is too busy these days studying night and day.... When Randy visited the girls before he headed off to college, he stayed with his two sisters in Loma Linda.  Somehow, they call it Casa de Jungs.  Allison rules.  She is the lady of the house... she cooks, she cleans, prepares brothers bed and makes sure he's good while visiting.  Randy will leave for college again and until we meet again in May, I pray every day for my children.  May they develop a personal relationship with God and lean on him for strength.  These are crazy strange times...IMG_2972

Lindsey comes home...


The kids all came home for Christmas. There was nothing that was open, no places to go so we naturally stayed home and cooked together.  We love this time together in the kitchen.  Lindsey loves to cook as well so it's always a treat to work on a recipe together.   She was suppose to make the sauce for Penne ala Vodka but she forgot the vodka.  It's okay.  It was a delicious marinara sauce!  

Sweetest time with our girls...


Short and sweet brunch with Daniel and his fiance Vy.  Dinner with sweet niece Gina at her new house.  IMG_7204IMG_7204

Sabbath morning picture with Aerin at my brother Sam's house.  How nice it was to spend this short time with my family. 
IMG_7229Our weekend trip to see Lindsey and Allison was very special.  We didn't do much but to go out to eat and explore.  Loved our time together! 

Celebrating my sister in law's birthday!

Eric has five sisters.  Michelle is number #3~  We celebrated her 60th birthday at my restaurant with her daughter Rachel! 
IMG_6377 I think these two look alike! IMG_6382

I'm not looking good in my apron, but I got her this beautiful cake from Chucks!  She loved it!  
Here's Rachel, Uncle James, Michelle and Hye Kyung Unnie!  Celebrating covid style of not going anywhere!  

Randy's cars...


When Randy was three years old, we took him to this tiny Korean beauty salon in Beaverton.  He would take one car every time he would get a hair cut since that time.  These are his collection of cars over the years.  She said that when he leaves for college, he can collect it all and donate it.  Randy found a barber shop near home and he hasn't gone to her for years.  However, this is ENK's beauty salon for close to 20 years.  Every time he goes, she asks about Randy.  how time flies.....