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Consignment store find!

What brand is this?  Comme des Garcons?  Never heard of this before but I have high fashion sense kids.  When we were in Paris last summer, the girls asked to go to this store which was just walking distance from our hotel.  They wanted to check out a plain white or black t shirt for Randy as a souvenir.  When we got there, the sizes were limited and it was priced at $125 for a plain white t shirt!  We ended up not getting it...   

Today, I went to a small consignment store in Lake Oswego and found this Comme des Garcons Play t shirt!   This was  tagged as "HEART t shirt" for $13.99.   Did they not know this is a brand named t shirt?   It was in perfect brand new condition in Randy's size! So after confirming that it WAS authentic (via Lindsey: Perfect double stitching around the neck, heart embroidery was  tight and in perfect red thread),  I bought the t shirt.    I love finding good bargains like this! 

Randy is not looking excited because I was nagging all night long to have him try it on! 


At Nordstrom, this is about the same price as the ones we saw in Paris!  

Paris Flagship store with this nice center plaza.  There were some funky clothes here!  Photo of Comme des Garçons - Paris, France. Walkway to the retail boutique.


Strike a pose...


Allison is here for the weekend.  We wanted to celebrate her 20th birthday weekend together.  We sent the boys to church early and Allison and I took our sweet time getting ready.  Before we went into the car, she said, "Strike a pose mom!" She is such a fun girl to be around and I'm lucky to be her mama!  

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Down jackets for Koreans...

Nov 28, 2017

Recently, my Korean relatives came to visit my parents in California and left.  My mom said that my cousin purchased a down parka to take to her in laws.  My mom said that it costs $2000 plus for the jackets.   She asked if I heard of this brand CANADA GOOSE.   No I told her.  Apparently, in Korea, everyone who is anyone or anyone's grandmother wears CANADA GOOSE extreme weather jackets.    I walked around the mall with Allison the other day and this brand caught my attention.  Basic winter puffy jackets were indeed more than $1000!  Have you heard of Canada Goose brand? 

"I love this dress mom!"

Allison said this will be her wedding dress... ❤️ She was thrilled to find pretty wedding dresses @Anthropology!  I never knew they had wedding/special events department at our local Anthro...  This dress was under $2,000 and she said she loved it!  How much do people spend on wedding dresses?  I don't know.  I spent $350 in 1992.  No, Allison is not getting married soon.  She was just dreaming of her wedding day... with that special someone out there!  Yoohoo...  Where are you Allison's future hubby?   

Jul 15, 2017

Out and about with my girls...

Lindsey is home for Thanksgiving.  I appreciate the days when all my three children are under one roof. We all anxiously waited for her arrival... Lindsey was just as excited to come home for the first time after going to college.   She had a list of things to do, things to eat, things to enjoy while she is home for one week.  I think we're doing pretty good in covering all grounds.  We lived next to Bridgeport village while the girls were young... they have a fond memories of coming here and seeing this big Christmas tree.   The girls and I came out after dinner to just "hang" out together.  Let the holiday season begin!  

Out and about with my girls...

Color options?

I'm seeing more and more grey.  

I am anticipating more.  I can not deny it.

I went out looking to color my own hair.  How could there be so many choices?  ENK uses the expensive ones from New Seasons that cost 4 times as much as the ones I see on the isles of this supermarket.  Can it really make that much of a difference?  My mom use to get it at the checkout stand of of her local Korean market... Would I be that ajummah to purchase that yellow box number five?  

If I start going to the salon to get my hair colored... that would just add up from here to the end of my life...  It's too much.  I didn't buy it...

Ugh... Getting old .  sucks. Color options?

Getting ready is half the fun...

We had Auntie Esther Chunky come help with the banquet prep today.  She took this request very seriously.  Brought her whole makeup bag and so much more.  She even had double sided tape, bobby pins, assortment of brushes, wipes....  The girls had their hair and makeup done by Auntie Esther while drinking sparkling juice, mini cupcakes and treats!  Lindsey, Allison and Elena loved this special time!  Thank you Auntie Esther! You're the best! DSC_0186 DSC_0198
Allison had her hair braided and up.... looked lovely for her "Old Hollywood" themed banquet!
DSC_0176 DSC_0156
DSC_0162DSC_0150DSC_0185Allison's date was suppose to arrive first.  We instructed Eric to get the door and say "Hello Alex".  Little did we know Lindsey's date arrived first.  Eric still said, "Allison, you're date is here!"  He said, "I'm Jack.  I'm here for Lindsey".  Allison and Elena greeted Jack before Lindsey made her entrance!   Elena got ready with us but was going over to another friend's house to be picked up!

DSC_0200 DSC_0211 DSC_0223  

Put those furry boots away...

It's raining cats and dogs here...We're having a winter storm right now.  Rain is nothing new for Portland, but believe it or not, we've been having a relatively dry winter so far!  That is until this week, we've been pounded with rain today!  Kids sure wanted snow like Seattle but no, just rain! Lots of RAIN! 

Speaking of rain, Barbara Johnson's having their annual shoe sale this week! I've been covering BJ's winter sale for years now... I don't have to explain that it's a "sample" store here in Tualatin...They carry Coach shoes in one size "6"...so they say.  But if you're a frequent shopper, you will know that certain shoes can be worn by women with smaller to bigger sizes.   I am able to wear these boots and I'm a size 7.   BJ's started their sale with 50% off all boots this week.  Which means that they will mark the other shoes down soon  I'll keep you posted! !  This is what I picked up this week for $32!  I think it was a great deal!  Coach brown rain boots
I wore it around today. It was not too heavy and very comfortable.  It made me want to just jump in the puddles across the parking lot today! Lindsey waited 6 months for her rain boots purchase... and picked up the cute pink heart poppy boots and Allison chose these blue/white ones! (Our sizes are 6.5 to 7)  BootsBoots3

I also love the hot pink and the purple one too!Boots2
You want to jump in the puddles this week? Then say good bye to your furry boots and say hello to compfy vinyl! (except you G: vinyl/rubber/latex allergy, eh?)