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New banchan....


ENK is not a fan of fried fish.  But he likes this grilled mackerel.  He said in our 28 years of marriage, I made this for him only twice.  It was delicious.  We picked it up from the Korean market in the freezer section for about $6.50.  I need to make it for him again... he loved the crispy skin.  


Khao Man Gao...


There are many recipes online.  You can look it up.  I make chicken soup all the time.  What was different this time was that I added sugar to the broth, more ginger and added something called galangal.  I don't know what that is but I found it at a local Thai store.  I also asked for Pandan leaves.  I found it in the freezer for about $1.75.  I found a big 5 lb chicken but looking at youtube videos, the Thai chicken seems tiny.  Nevertheless, I put the whole chicken in my cast iron dutch oven pot.  I boiled it, skimmed off the fat and the froth and simmered it for 45 minutes.  (Oh, make sure the water covers the entire chicken)  After the chicken is cooked, take out the chicken and save the broth to make the rice~ Nong’s Khao Man Gai was a food truck that served chicken and rice with broth for many years.  It’s a now a stand alone restaurant.   Tourists and locals love Nong’s chicken and rice.  There isn’t a shortage of recipes and pictures about Nong P. She’s famous here and across US.   There are so many vlogs, videos, interviews of Nong and how she started this food truck business with only $70.  


Dinner time mood... my living room looks so pretty... okay.  Back to the recipe.   
I needed chicken fat.  But I just couldn't fry it up.  I used vegetable oil to fry the diced garlic, ginger, pandan leaves.  After stirring for about 30 seconds, I can smell the aromatics fusing together until golden brown.  I used 2 cups of Jasmine rice to make rice in the rice cooker with the fried goodness.   I love experimenting and making recipes like this.   The rice was easy to cook.  It really smelled so good while the rice was cooking.  Kinda like a Thai restaurant.... it's a good thing I guess.   Serve with a scoop of rice in a bowl and flipping it onto a plate to make a perfectly round mound.  Cut up chicken and layer it on tope with a sliver of cilantro and sliced cucumbers.  The verdict?  The chicken is super moist from cooking it in low heat for 45 minutes.  I cheated and bought Nong's sauce...  overall, this was super easy and delicious!   



Dinner with friends ...


Ladies just enjoying each other's company!   861B3B07-A52D-45C3-87CD-46AA9D7F5D4C Captured all the dads!  BCDC0210-AAF2-4A56-8D55-5B22FD7B60D4

Oh, this egg was popular !  soy sauce eggs that were perfectly cooked for 7 minutes! 6A10180A-1ABC-4AA2-BFF6-AD98E29FE251

This sweet girl's name is Mila!  

Delicious spread of vegetable toppings for our soba salad!  9BA1987E-92F7-43D0-AAD6-B397124A0C59

Hello Friends!  Andy and Elias saying hello to the trains, planes and boats that are passing by!