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Tilly is our next door neighbor's dog.  She's such a cutie.  She came up to our window and scratched on it, looking at us like "hey, do you know where my mom is?"  We brought her in and snapped this picture of us.  We love the idea of having a dog.  But we can't.  We would just get so attached and wouldn't get to travel anywhere.  I took Tilly back to Bonnie.  She said she forgot about her....  So sweet to live next to a brilliant little doggie.  

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort...

Thanksgiving was spent a little different this year.  We cancelled our trip to Southern California to see our family.  Due to Covid-19, we decided to stay home. I didn't cook.  I didn't do any hosting.  We decided to go on a road trip to Southern Oregon.  It was our last minute decision but all things lined up and ENK reserved two days of golf at the best golf resort in Oregon. IMG_7789
IMG_7789 IMG_7792

Yes, the boys joined.  No, the boys say that I, joined them.  Whatever the original plan, we had a fabulous time!  

Weekend events....

Today, we had a driveway baby shower.  I thought we would just drive by and say congratulations... but we were actually allowed to park our car and greet the pretty mama Sarah.  I was so happy to see other young moms from church.  It was short and sweet gathering.  Neighbors drove by and had mixed reactions.  Pleasant waves or just sheer look of "what, you are having a party?" Overall, it was so good to see friends! (pretty flowers were party favors!) 

We hugged some made eye contact with some, some wore masks and some wore none.  Congratulations Sarah and David!  Baby Patricia will be loved by us all!
Meanwhile at home, ENK was working on another project.  Stringing lights outside Allison's window.  Why?  Because she loves it so much.  But honestly, it was not as easy as we thought it would be.  

My sweet Allison is coming home in couple of days... I hope she will be surprised! 

Dinner at home with friends...

IMG_4613 IMG_4608
The kids were out on the river all afternoon.  By the time they came home, they were starving!  It's so good to have church youth group over for some good fellowship!  I made grilled chicken, salad, and Spanish omelette that was so good!  It's a recipe I have not tried before but it's something I will make again.  5 out of 10 kids here are going away to college for the first time this week!  May God be with you in your new journey!  

Dinner with friends ...


Ladies just enjoying each other's company!   861B3B07-A52D-45C3-87CD-46AA9D7F5D4C Captured all the dads!  BCDC0210-AAF2-4A56-8D55-5B22FD7B60D4

Oh, this egg was popular !  soy sauce eggs that were perfectly cooked for 7 minutes! 6A10180A-1ABC-4AA2-BFF6-AD98E29FE251

This sweet girl's name is Mila!  

Delicious spread of vegetable toppings for our soba salad!  9BA1987E-92F7-43D0-AAD6-B397124A0C59

Hello Friends!  Andy and Elias saying hello to the trains, planes and boats that are passing by!