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It's the little things.  First half of 2020 was extremely difficult.  Due to Covid-19, we are experiencing something that we have never experienced before. In Multnomah County where my Airport Cafe is, we have not entered into phase 1 yet.  I was really hoping that more people will start to work and we can have more customers but we're still where we were in March.  Stay at Home orders by the Governor.  Maybe in one week... What I am thankful for however, is that it's mid June and my blueberries are ripening.  I love going out to pick fruits in the morning.  These are signs that time is passing by.  I can't wait for blueberry season, cherry season and all the berries that will be available for us to pick.  Despite difficulties, we need to look at the positives and thank God for His blessings.  

Tree planting during Covid-19....

A80A9CFD-8583-46BF-BF82-029208B1935B This is strange times. Except for essential workers, everyone in our town is ordered to stay home.  I can't say enough as to how strange this is.  How unprecedented this is.   We all are making the best of it.  It is our graduation season for Allison and Randy.  We will miss out on the celebration of flying down to Loma Linda to see Allison get her bachelor's degree in Speech Communication, to have a big taco party at Sam's house with all the friends and family around.  We are also going to miss seeing Randy celebrate with seniors this week by going away to Sunriver as planned, enjoying his time with classmates.  Just hearing the melody of Pomp and Circumstance brings me to tears.  The class of 2020 will always remain special in my heart.  Lindsey also finished her first year of medical school this week.  Such a gruesome and difficult year of studying it was for her.  What does all this have to do with this planting of the trees?  Well, we planted four trees   One Dogwood that blooms pink in the springtime, 2 Birch trees, and 1 Maple tree.  All just to remember this special moment in our family history.  We honor our graduates and milestones.  As we see these trees grow and blossom, we will know that we somehow survived these strange times.  


Used deck...


Enk is a handyman for sure!  He saved up old decking material in the shed.  When I picked up multiple veg plants, he wanted to make me more vegetable boxes.  He took out our deck planks and made me two.  One for tomatoes and one for hobak.  We went to fill our truck with plant soil and completed our weekend project.  We will have plenty of tomatoes in August!  We shall see!   

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Gardening started...

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Always around Mother's Day  each spring,  I start my gardening box.  In the years past, I failed miserably in this not because of my bad gardening skills but because of family of DEER that lived in my Happy Valley back forest.  After several years, I gave up.  I had abundance of mint but that was it.  The deer would eat all my lettuce, tomatoes and any vegetables I planted!  

So, I"m in a new house... no sign of deer anywhere near the river so I'm good to go right?  We'll see.  I planted ketnip (perilla leaves) Korean hobak, peppers, eggplants in my first box and I"ll plant herbs and lettuce in my second box.  Let's see how it goes this time!