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Oh what's my pick?

I love Bobbie Brown stick for great coverage and easy application... But it's so expensive!  I just discovered Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Balance stick that I purchased from Target for $6.99 when my makeup bag was in ENK's car.   I found the Fit me to be just as easy to use and the color batch of Natural Beige 220 was a good match for me.  The Bobbie Brown was a better coverage overall.  The little $6.99 tube was .32 oz  and the more expensive Bobbie Brown is .31 so slightly less.   I think I'll keep using both... BB for more coverage days and my Maybelline for everyday use... or the combination of the two!  

Mar 7, 2017

Changed just one thing....

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I had my eye lash extensions done... Tried it for the first time. I have no browse and no eyelashes so to have this extension, I saw immediate results. My girlfriend Soomi found a deal and several of us ladies from church had this done for $60. I heard that it costs so much more... Just changed one thing and wow, it really opened up my eyes. They looked brighter and perkier! Would I continue getting it filled and redone? We'll see. I might also try to put it on myself... hee hee. I have been watching youtube clips on putting false eyelashes. My girls will have a cow because I could tell that the youtube beauty tips were geared for teenagers! So far, I love it that I don't have to wear any makeup and it looks as if I do...

Review: After several days, I'm not completely satisfied. It feels natural and not heavy on my lids but I see lashes fall one by one and I am noticing that it's not looking even. I would recommend this for a special event but for daily look... it's annoying. But I do love having eye lashes! I'll continue wearing my mascara and not get this filled.

I need a make up artist.....

I wish I can get a professional make up artist to  work on my face.  Ever since I turned 43, my face has not been my friend.  It's so dry and so you know....I am noticing things on my face. I don't like...  I need a good "pick me up" makeover or maybe I need a facial.  I haven't had one since my wedding day!  That was 18 years ago!!!!  My friend Fred Song often posts pictures of his wife's clients on FB. She's got pictures of famous Korean tv personalities and other beautiful people.  Fred's wife  Jessica Lee is a professional make up artist in K town.  She is so well known and famous that all the "Miss Korea" contestants want her to do their make up.  I found this before and after photo of someone.... Wow! Befroe2

Did anyone say free?

Mascara2As part of a class action settlement, consumers like us will get a total of $175 million in free make-up.  Did you get yours?  Free make up day was January 20th.  I  went in line twice.  I picked up a Clarins moisturizer and a Lancome mascara!    

As much as I love free stuff... I didn't know about it.  I heard it on the news several days ago but forgot about it.   Anyways, I was at the mall to return something today and just found it odd to see so many group of women here and there...  I just saw people at the entrance to Nordstroms getting something!!  I saw a group of Korean ajummah's looking excited...as I peeked over, they gestured to me to get it.  "Free" someone said with a hearty Korean accent!  Best of all, there was no line at all!   I'm such a Korean ajummah too! 

Big bucks moisturizer...

BobbibrownI was introduced to Bobbi Brown's Moisturizing Balm two years ago. (Bobbi Brown SPF 25 Moisturizing Balm 1.7 oz $80 available at Nordstrom's)   I have been using this until just recently.   

Last week, I purchased a moisturizer from Costco...I liked the concealer I bought earlier and wanted to try another item from the same Borghese line. (Kirkland Brand Borghese Moisturizer SPF 15 3.4 oz $14.99)Costcoborghese

Since I ran out of BB's moisturizer, I have been using this as a substitute...I've been very happy with the Borghese Moisturizer even though it had lower SPF than Bobbi Brown's.   Since both felt very similar on my face...I just wanted to check out the active ingredients in both moisturizers and was quite surprised... BB's first ingredient was SPF, then the next two ingredients in both were exactly the same!  Octinoxate 7.5 % and Oxybenzone 5.0 %!    The brand that is ten times more should be superior than the one I purchased from Costco...right?    That's why we all spend big bucks on our make up... Or are we all suckers of brand name cosmetics?  Should I go get my BB fix or keep on using this Costco brand?  My brother Sam would say, "Don't be a cheap***...go get your Bobbi Brown!"  My brother Josh would say, "Use the Kirkland brand if it's the same!"  My ENK would say, "I can't believe I'm actually reading this!" 

New Liquid Eyeliner...

I bought a new eyeliner from MAC yesterday.  The saleswoman said that it was "semi-permanent".  OK, I didn't quite understand this at the time.  This morning, as I was getting ready for church, I put on my usual make...but I wanted to try this new liquid eyeliner on for the first time.  Woh... I applied it too dark on my upper and lower lids...I didn't feel comfortable wearing it so dark.  But  ENK was already in the car calling out for me as I was frantically trying to erase it with my usual tissue and a dab of lotion...but it didn't work!    Maybe I needed to buy a separate remover...why didn't she tell me? Maybe she did...  I now understand this "semi-permanent" remark from yesterday.  I just left looking like Elvira, no not really, but I just didn't feel comfortable all day today.

But funny thing was that ENK kept asking me if I was mad at him all day... I asked him why?  He said that he didn't know why but I just "looked" mad...really?

"I'm not mad at you honey, it's just my new eye makeup!" June_2007_081

I'm trying something new...

Bare_essentuals I've been watching that infomercial for years now...I always wanted to try it.  But how can you buy something on tv and think that it'll good on you? 

Yesterday, I walked into a Bare Minerals store that just opened up in Washington Square Mall.  I asked for a complimentary skin make up session and I really saw them:  "Swirl, Tap  and Buff" in that tap and swirl circular motion.    I think my skin really "glowed" without heavy foundation.  So I bought the getting started kit...Okay, I haven't tried it out own my own yet but behold...I'm trying something new!

Eye Brows set

Stila_eye_browsI don't know much about make up.  For over 25 years, I have been using the same make up (Clinique) for just about everything.  Not because I just love Clinique but because I really didn't have any reason to change.    Anything other than Clinique, I got as a gift.  In high school, I almost got a  good whippin' from my mom for wearing purple eyeliner and eye shadow. 

When I visited my brother's home for Christmas,  I asked my sister-in-law if I could borrow her eyeliner pencil so that I can draw my brows in.  She said,  "Sue, why don't you use my brush and this powder?"  Was there something specifically made just for your eyebrows?  hmmmmmm...

So when I returned home, I just had to go to that big cosmetic store Sephora at Washington Square Mall.  I was determined to find this brow shadow.  I was introduced to this Stila brow duo for $17. I decided to give it a try.   Now, I just love it, I threw away my red eyeliner pencil!  I also learned that when you are short on time, you can just whip this out and use it on your brows, and as a  shadow and even line your eyes with a little angle brush.  It's an multi useful  little thing!  I'm not sure if I'll ever master this art of applying makeup but as we age, we sure can't hold on to habits from 1980s.