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Daddy and girls time...


It's a rare sighting.  ENK and the girls went to visit Hawaii komo for couple of days.  It's rare since Lindsey has a busy schedule.  She's been studying non stop for years in medical school.  Allison on the other hand is always happy to hang out and have fun with unnie.  ENK had Thursday and Friday off and Hawaiian airlines ticket ready to use anytime so why not.  They are having the best time together.  I don't think they hung out like this for days without me.  Randy and I will have a trip like this soon?  Where shall we go Randy?  New York?  Chicago?  I bet daddy would still like to go with us.  We'll say no.  


Allison turns 22!

F33A5C3E-9349-4AB9-874F-ABBC36104FB8 Allison had a Covid party.  Yes.  We are all officially in quarantine but decided to celebrate her special day with a cake outside.  Special cake delivery by her favorite uncle and Auntie made it extra special.  She loved seeing Abigail and Charis!   63D543D0-5BDD-4420-9E98-41F9B3447936 455AC70F-330A-448A-B600-F39391BBDD40
Love this picture of Allison and her pretty smile.  I can't believe she is already 22 years old.  She will be graduating from college in a month and she is going forward with her education this fall in Loma Linda.  She is excited to announce that she will be in the master's program studying Speech-Language.  She is a joy and I thank God for giving me such a wonderful daughter to love.  She is a perfect combination of mom and dad.    What a treat it was for us to spend this birthday at home with friends.  She would have been in Loma Linda but due to Covid-19, she came home.  She came to a realization during this time at home, that she really loves being at home.  She's not such a social butterfly.  She's a homebody too!  

30 years ago...


I spent a year in Korea.  This is me in Busan.  

Sam and Joshua 1988 and 90.  Senior Picture. IMG_7466

Summer of 89, I returned back to US after a year in Korea as a student missionary.  I was not allowed to spend a night in Honolulu at ENK's house so I spent 12 hours with him on my way home from Korean to LAX.  ENK took me out to a nice dinner at the Royal Hawaiian and took me to the airport.  Ah, the 80's....  

Chocolate chip cookies anyone?

Lindsey and Allison likes to bake.  Not me.  I make my one or two things and that's it.   When ENK wanted something sweet....  I told him that the girls are not even here!  They are no longer home to bake muffins, cookies, cakes etc...  I just had to look up a recipe for crispy cookies and baked 2 dozen!  Overall, I think it turned out okay.  



"Well?  How was it?"  Look at him!  He appreciated my efforts!