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This voice...

The voice of Lee Moon Sae.  I have been listening to his songs for 30 years.  Something about his voice, is so soothing.  Something about certain songs that takes you back to your days of your youth.    While in LA, my brother Sam introduced me to a Netflix Korean variety show called HIDDEN SINGER (Season 1)     It was a long show on LMS and his voice imitators.  It was a show on trying to guess whose voice belonged to the real singer! I don't think I enjoyed a Korean tv this much.  Since watching that, I am back to listening to LMS all over again.  I looked online for his concert tickets.  All sold out in Korea and Australia... but his tickets for Seattle and LA have not been released.... so maybe?  

K pop from the 80's... these were my songs!

I went to college in 1986. Before this time, I did not listen to Korean music at all! But by the time I came home for Christmas, I was listening to only Korean music. My parents were perplexed... What was I doing in college? I was introduced to Kpop by Korean unnies in the dorm. At first, I didn't know the singers or the words.. just listend to them all the time. These songs bring back memories of my first years at PUC and my year in Korea as an SM.

My Favorites....

1.이문세 사랑이 지나가면 ....

2. and this one 변진섭 - 홀로된다는 것

3. First Korean song I memorized...구창모 - 희나리

4. 이승철 - 안녕이라고 말하지마

Usually, when you listen to these music from the days gone by, you think of the one you left behind, one who left you or just someone who you loved... but thankfully, my boyfriend is the man I married so it's quite easy to post this. These are some of the songs I tried to introduce him to... but he just didn't care for them.

David Choi Concert...

David Choi is a Korean American singer, songwriter, producer from LA area.  He was born the year I graduated from high school.  He's a youtube sensation... for Asian Americans! His fan base? Pretty teenage girls! David choi6

I tagged along with our church youth kids as a chaperone! After a long line, we all got in.  I was surprised to find no chairs!  It was one of those cafe style standing up kinda concert!  Who knew? But luckily, I found a nice comfy sofa on the side and enjoyed the music with a delicious cup of coffee!David choi7Here's me with all the bags and all the jackets.  I sat next to a nice Chinese father who was falling asleep...  David Choi looked like an average Korean American young man... But his voice was smooth.  He was very friendly and seemed like a kind person. He was born in Orange County like Lindsey!  I actually loved all his songs.  This is my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duAO4QinW4w

 I have never seen hundreds of Asian teenagers in one venue before...!
David choi2
David choi1

I got a quick photo with David!  Nice looking young man!
David choi3

He knows my name...

I have been thinking about several songs we'll be singing for Praise at church.  I have played the piano several hundred times for song service... but I have never "practiced" for Praise.  Last Sabbath, we practiced for the first time.  I have never heard of this song but I have once again fallen in love with the lyrics.  We have formed an alternate Praise Team to relieve the young musicians at church.  So I'm back on the piano and we have several great songs ready for worship.  "He knows my name" will be our opening praise...  This song, I tell you will make you break down.  It's so beautiful and so personal... I also discovered this young SF musician named Jeremy "Passion" Manongdo who is so talented.  This young 21 year old is so soulful!   Listen: I have a maker.  I hope you will be blessed by the words.

Also listen to Passion's "Pure Heart" and " I will be here..."

She's like butter...

I remember getting an e mail from someone to see this 12 year old Phillipino girl sing...  I heard her sing and was blown away by her voice!  She is a petite 16 year old teenager now.  I was blown away again when I saw her on Oprah today.  She is so cute to me because she looks like a  cross between my daughter Allison and my little neice Aerin but her voice?  She sings like Whitney Houston!  I saw every single Charice video on youtube.com while making dinner!  Just like Josh Groban, she gives me goose bumps!
Charice with David Foster