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You're not an American....

Talking to my customer today about what we would like to do once this Covid-19 pandemic is over... I told him, "of course, I want to travel to Europe!"  I quickly added, "but they don't want Americans right now!"  Customer answered back, "but you're not American!"  I gave him the look, "look, I AM AN AMERICAN, US CITIZEN"  He didn't mean to say it in a racist tone, but unconsciously, he is saying you don't look like me therefore, you're not American!  Ya.  

Success in shoe box...

I was reading the monthly Costco Member Connection magazine and read about this member who succeeded in a high end shoe box business!  The company sold over 50,000 boxes~  I said, "come on, who would pay money for a shoe box?" 

I guess plenty of people are interested in getting this shoe box for $29 a box, and even a box set for $399!  It's a good looking box... But honestly, do you think that I would even consider getting one?  No way.   This lady's great invention included a little 4 x 6 slot on the front of the box so that you can take a picture of your shoes and slide into the frame so that one can easily identify the contents.  In another word, to see what shoe was in the box! Brilliant you say? Someone's closet   

I say NO WAY.  That's so dumb!  Why bother taking the picture? Why bother inserting the picture of the shoes? Why not make a clear window in the box so that you can actually SEE the darn shoes?   I think that's a brilliant idea, don't you say?  But who am I to rant about this expensive dumb box.  She's a rich entrepreneur and I'm just a stay at home mom.  I seriously need to invent something.Shoe box for $29.99

But if you must get this.  It's from www.closetfetish.com

It's 9:45 a.m....

My father-in-law goes to Clubsports to excerise in the morning...he's usually back by 11:30 and I have his lunch ready for him to eat right away.  This morning he calls and requests his specific soba noodle dish for lunchZaru_soba.  I asked him if he's already finished with his workout...he said no, he's just half way....I smiled and say "yes, I'll have it ready..." answer but this really irritated the heck out of me!...Why should I be taking in orders at 9:45 a.m. like I'm some kind of home Diner?    This isn't his first time and this will not be his last...but you know when you just get particuarly more irritated for things on certain days?  Well, today I am irritated!  I just finished feeding my boy and I DON'T want to think about lunch...but that's the story of my life.