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April babies...

Happy 21st Birthday to my Sunshine Girl!BF1D3675-3584-4AD6-8B71-A0A35D08FEB0

21 years ago, I went to my routine doctor's visit and was informed that I was going to delivery my baby soon.  She was born on my mom's birthday and forever Allison and Grandma share a special bond!   My Allison still brings joy to my life.  She is the sweetest person I know... on this day, I want to wish her the happiest birthday! Image may contain: 11 people, including Allison Kim, Irene Cho and Jean Cho, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Birthday dinner celebrating Allison, Grandma Joong and Emily!  Happy April birthdays everyone!  Thank you Sam and Josh for the love for Alli this weekend! 

ENK is back safe and sound....

In 30 years, ENK and I have never not spoken for more than 2 days?  But this was the first time that we didn't get to talk for the week while he was in Fiji.  He made an attempt mid week but we were unable to connect.  He tried several other times but I didn't answer the phone.  I was thrilled to hear that he was good and that the week in Fiji was a blessing to him and to the people there.  ENK over packed.  He only needed underwear and scrubs.  The students of PAA were able to take turns in assisting and even for some, did an extraction. 


Fijian food.  Lots of starch.  

Beautiful sunsets....
20190331_102728 IMG_9521

Exhausted from the day's work but didn't feel tired he said... God is good!  ENK worked 9-5 all week and even pulled teeth until 7 pm on Friday to make sure that everyone was treated.  What surprised me the most?  He didn't get a single mosquito bite, didn't swim, and didn't feel exhausted from working non stop!  IMG_9514

Childhood buddies...


The boys came out to support Randy today, even though they were playing against their own school.  Westside HS players and fans were saying, "hey, you're sitting at the wrong side!" They yelled back, "it's okay, i'm here to cheer for my best friend Randy!" Thank you Nathan and Noah.  Two buddies since kindergarten!  

Sweet Allison...


Allison came home twice for this Winter break.  I initially said no to the second trip up.  But she sweet talked dad into getting her the ticket home.  She was so happy and said that it was the nicest thing dad did!   She knows mom was too cheap to buy her another round trip ticket up to Portland.  Yes.  That's the truth.  But it sure was good to have this girl home again!  She went snow hiking in Mt. Hood, went out with more friends and visited more local restaurants that she missed.   The picture above was just sent to me.   She's got a natural smile and radiance... "look ma, no makeup!" She looks great in her new Loma Linda University sweatshirt she just purchased! So thankful for her adjustment into LLU Speech Pathology program.  She loves what she is studying and loves meeting new friends.   

Ladies Tea party benefiting PAA...

May 15, 2017This was my table that I sponsored!  Those are my plates and chargers from garage sale.  The table cloth was a dollar and the tea cups are mine as well.  The centerpiece?  I love this idea that I got from Jean but it' a shape form decorated by real flowers (designed by Jane Nicola) This sweet grandmother is Evelyn who is Jane's mother.  She is member of our church now and we love having her part of our group.  

May 15, 2017RoC Ladies who came to support PAA... Ms. Sonia Shim: We're so proud of you! 

May 15, 2017