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Gift for Mick....

What kind of machine is this?  It's a wood engraving machine.  I found two vintage teak bowls at an estate sale this week.... Decided to get it for Mick and Tom.  Not that they would particularly like this but I thought it would be cool to have their names engraved in it.  

These bowls are made by Dansk, a Scandinavian company who worked with designer  Jens Quistgaard to make these bowls maybe in 1950-60's.

I gave the bowls to my woodworking customer, who engraved Mick and Tom's name inside the bowl.   Happy 25th Birthday! 

Weekend in SD...

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Sunshine is good for the soul!  Loved this quiet weekend with Lindsey and Allison.  ENK spent three days playing golf and enjoying his time with his BFF Mike and nephew Daniel.  While it was cold and raining in PDX, we enjoyed a 70 degrees weather in La Jolla.  Loved the La Jolla's Taco Stand tacos and Phil's beef ribs!  Thankful for this sweet time with friends and family for us.  

Hospitality Industry....

We are going through some tough times here in the restaurant/hospitality industry due to current Covid-19 situation.  The state of Oregon has issued another 2 weeks moratorium on dining in at a restaurant.  I have enjoyed the phase I state where customers were able to sit and dine=in.  We have done this "take out" only phase before so we can pull through.  At times, I wonder how I got in this restaurant business.  You can tell a lot by the way one treats the person that serves them.  I've had people that are demanding, entitled and just rude to me when I serve them.  But I treat all my customers with respect and kindness.  Even if they say, "where is the ketchup?"  I run to grab it for them even though I can tell them where it is.  We will get through this...  IMG_7423

Family Trip Korea 2019...

Day 3:   We visited the N Tower.  Namsan Tower.  It was a cold morning but we enjoyed the walk and a cable car ride up to the Mountain!  Seoul was so much bigger than we thought!  
IMG_9044 IMG_8993

What was most special about this day?  ENK found his house of his childhood days.  He back tracked his way from his school and found his little ally.  He was so excited to find it!  IMG_9044
IMG_9044 IMG_9035

We also met with Enjoo for late lunch and had a delicious buffet lunch with her daughter Heerami. IMG_9028

Family trip to Korea 2019...

Day 1: 

We arrived in ICN airport in the afternoon.  My cousin Eunjoo arranged for a van taxi to pick us up.  Unfortunately, she didn't tell me that he would wait for us at the gate.  He said he help up a big sign with my name written in Korean.  Well, I didn't recognize it.  We walked around looking for each other.  He later found me and yelled at me for not even knowing my name, and I saw him rip up the sign Cho Sue Yun and threw it in the trash can.  Silence.  Within an hour of arrival to my motherland.  I got yelled at.  Oh well, We checked int our hotel in Namdaemun and soon, I was greeted by my cousin Eunjoo.  We walked around, ate Korean street food and checked out the night scene of Myeong Dong.  What a long day!  


Loved just walking around the city.  We were so conveniently located next to this gate, just across from the market.  
He wanted to taste this Seoul Milk. He said he tastes different....  


Holiday Boat parade on the Columbia River tonight!  With fireworks and music... it was so pretty.  It's a Vancouver tradition in December.  Most of the weekend evenings, we are out.  We were lucky enough to hang out at home to see the parade go by twice.  

Yes. They are identical twins....

IMG_2345  Mick and Tom with their mom Tami.

We had the pleasure of meeting Mick's family over the graduation weekend at PUC.   I thought I would be able to pick out Mick when standing next to his brother Tom.. but I was wrong.  I thought I knew him pretty well,   but with the two boys wearing the same cap and gown,  I had to look twice.   It was so nice to finally meet the family.  Tom and his girlfriend was also so sweet... 64472986_10216603432096386_7025319078839451648_n IMG_2391