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Spider web? Where?


I got a call late at night.  Allison said there was a spider inside the desk.  This desk, grandpa just delivered to her from his garage.  I guess the desk was stored in the garage for over 20 years? It's my vintage desk from 1978.  I remember picking this desk up when I was in third grade from a neighborhood yard sale.  So when she decided to bring it upstairs to her room, she took the drawers out to give it a good wipe down.... when she spotted several spiders!  In horror, she face timed me.  I told her to get some toilet paper and kill it!  WHATTTTTTT.... no she said.  She cried.  She reluctantly asked her sister who was studying.... but like a champ that she is, Lindsey came into tackle on this spider catching endeavor.  Look at Lindsey with gloves on with multiple bags and toilet paper deciding what to kill first!  I'm just yelling at the girls "just do it!!!!!"  Long story short, Lindsey got it all.  Allison was forever grateful for having such a brave sister.  I think I heard her saying she'll take care of her forever.  

Google search...

I goggled my address to see what public property records come up... and found ENK's name as (General Dentist) pop up on some patient FYI website.  I had to call and have this removed. 

I also found articles about our house fire from June 27, 2009. I read the Oregonian article before but didn't see the comments left by people that night... 


gbballboy June 27, 2009 at 9:44PM
"God works in mysterious ways, especially when insurance is involved"
This was in response to the headline:  "Fire destroys home while owners were at church"... (This was the night we had farewell party of Pastor D)


filoviridae June 27, 2009 at 10:30PM
"wts? guess god didn't care for the plate offering. sarcasm aside, glad to hear nobody was hurt. tomorrow's story will feature the missing old man who wandered off after setting fire to the place."
This was in response to the article stating that neighbors told fire fighters that perhaps Grandpa was upstairs home alone....firefighters bravely climbed into the upstairs window but did not find anyone inside....
oldorygun June 27, 2009 at 10:50PM
"The calendar indicates that the neighbor's kid and fireworks combined with that cedar roof is the likely problem"
I always wondered about this "neighbor's kid" myself....  Hmmm.  Perhaps OLDORYGUN knows something fishy?  :)


Sarcastic and humorous I guess.....I think I remember hearing about comment #1 from my brother Josh who wanted to write something back...I told him to chill.  "This is Oregon, after all"

Koreans and alcohol....

What a shame.... Check out this Alcohol consumption map.  South Koreans are at the top of alcohol consumption in Asia.....  the Muslim nations are at the bottom.....  In Korea, public drunkenness is more tolerated than in America.  I heard that near popular night clubs and  hangouts, it is quite common to see people having passed out from night of drinking....Korean drunk Changpee!

Not fancy no more....

I was searching for a spare fridge for the garage. When I called a craigslist listing, the seller was telling me about how it has these voice activated buttons that tells you you're getting water and you're getting ice and so on..... "I think it's too fancy for the garage, but thanks!" He called back this morning. "You said it was too fancy, well, I was moving it out of my kitchen last night and I dropped it. It's all banged up on the side, but it still runs! It's not fancy anymore.  Do you want it now?"  I politely said,  "no, thank you" I was just imagining this dude dropping a huge frige onto his garage floor!

What's in a name?

Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso

I copied the above name from Lindsey and friend's blog:  LACE  for (Lindsey, Alivia, Carlin and Elena)

Elena is their star writer and she's a brilliant writer.  She wrote about how she was studying about Pablo Picasso and found that his name was this long name. 

I was given my Korean name at birth:  Cho Soo Yon.  When my family immigrated when I was in third grade I was stuck with this given name, but my brothers got new cool sounding Bible names.  Soo Kang became Samuel.  Soo Ha became Joshua.  (My parents planned on naming him Joshua ever since he was born from his Korean name Cho Soo Ha)   I was feeling jealous.  My uncle wanted to be clever as well and named his first born: Cho Ah Ra.  Meaning "JOY or Happiness"  He wanted to name her Joy Cho.  But as a teenager, I said, "Uncle, Joy Cho sounds weird.  Just keep her Korean name as her English name.  Instead of Sarah, She can just be Arah" I thought I was clever.  Generation later, my brother Sam knew he was clever when named his first born after our mom and Jean's mom's names put together!l.  He named his first born, Cho Ae Rin.  He knew he wanted her name to be unique so he kept her Korean name as her English name.  But instead of the expected spelling of ERIN, he named her Aerin Samanath Cho. 

Okay, why the long blog on crazy names?  Well, At the sweet age of 8, I did NOT like my Korean name to be my English name.  "Why can't I have a Biblical name appa?  Why can't I be Esther, Helen, Mary or Hannah or Grace?"   He said that Soo is a beautiful American name!  He's met many Susans and Susie's in America and that was a great name for me.   I spelled my given name in English many times over and over again.  I did not like it at all.  First of all, it had TOOOO many OOOOOOOO's!  That was the first complaint.  SOO YON CHO.  I didn't think a proper American name should have so many O's.  So at the ripe old age of 9, I announced that I was now going to spell my name SUE AND I was going to change the YON to YUN.  I had to keep the O in Cho.  My parents said that it was cool. 

The second problem with my name  was that it was too short.  My friends started to call me SUECHO in highschool!  THey didn't even bother separating my name.  It was always, "Hi SUECHO!"  HMMMMM, I didn't like it at all.  I longed for a long name.  I longed for a name like Elizabeth or Victoria or Christina. When I was in fourth grade,  I wanted to be even Margaret after Are you there God? It's me Margaret.

When I married my ENK, I was going to hyphenate my name.  That would now make it longer.... until I realized that it would be Sue Choke Him!  I didn't want to start off our marriage with an assaultive name like that!  I was bummed and changed it to Sue Kim. 

But I had a dream.  I wanted my first born to have a long name.  I named her Lindsey Noel Hyunna Kim.  That's her legal name.  I'm proud of that name.  I gave her a first name, middle and a Korean name.  Maybe She will marry someone with a long last name and be Lindsey Noel Hyunna Kim Henderson Cunningham..  That's if she marries a non Korean.  But more likely, she'll probably shorten her name stating that it's TOO long and marry a boy with last name Oh, Im or Ko and be Lin Oh or Lin Ko.  With so many Kim's outthere, she can easily meet a Kim too. :) 

Ah, what's in a name?  ENK named our second born Allison but I made it longer.  Allison Leilani Jungah Kim.  Ha!  Others around said, "If you give her a Korean name for middle name, youdon't need another middle name!" I ididn't care.  My son's name is Randall Tyler Minkyu Kim.  Yup, all three's got a long name!  But Pablo Picasso's long name is way too long, don't you think?

kids...no silly puddy!


This is what happens when you play with it at night in bed!  I hate play dough and silly puddy.  It should be banned but kids seem to love silly puddy.  Allison tried desperately on her own to get this off but she smeared it even more.   I just grabbed my Jiffy Peanut Butter and rubbed it into her hair.  It worked!  But I heard that you can use WD-40 as well!  Allison never brought silly puddy back into the house... lesson learned!

What's wrong with whose thumb?

Megan Fox.  She a famous actress, known for her sex appeal.  Personally I never heard of her.  My brother Sam called and said that Megan's got clubbed thumb.  What?  Clubbed Thumb?  Scientific name is: Brachydactyly type D or "BDD".

There's a name to what I have? I once googled "Big Thumb" and got into fairly naughty websites.  I stopped searching.    Megan fox thumb  

With the proper name, I started to search and read about this rare ugliness that I have been living with for 41 years.  People use to tell me all sorts of lies about what "greatness" it should bring me... ya right!  But I learned that there's some truth to this.  Clubbed thumb was once sign of ROYALTY!  Then I found blogs and blogs on clubbed thumb.  I found Myspace page and Facebook group for people with clubbed thumb.  Gee, all my life, I lived with this thumb and I didn't even know it had a name. 

In grade school, I met a girl name Soon Young.  She had this stubby thumb like mine.  I was relieved that I was not the only one in the world with this deformity.  My 90 year old grandmother has this thumb, it skipped my dad's generation. In reading the blogs, I found that these people expressed difficulty texting, hard time getting the right channel when using tv remote control, hated looking for bowling balls...  yes, I hear ya'all! 

But check out these pictures that people sent to this photobucket site.  All I can say is OMG!

Why am I so busy?

What's up in my life....

1.  My FIL returned from Hawaii.  He had a wonderful time at Ken/Junghee's apartment on Kuhio Street.  He's back now.  It's still too cold for him here.  Since he likes warmer weather my SIL applied for affordable senior housing in Southern Cal many many years ago for ENK's dad.  Well, just recently he received a call stating that he's next in line to get the apartment.  It is SOOOOOO affordable that we can't let this one go.  He decided that he'll move in next month. (Deep down inside, I know he would rather stay here with us, but his daughters and he himself made the final decision) With that impending move, I am making sure he get's all his medical needs taken care of here in Portland.  I have already taken him to 4 appointments since he returned last week.  He's in excellent health, but still...  he's got pre this and post that and px for this and px for that...  I've been running around all last week with him and it's still not finished.  So, it's been crazy.

2.  ENK and I almost made an offer on a 5 acre house last week.  Bottom line: it was a great deal but we didn't have the 25% down payment.  You want to see the selling point?P4200027 This is the loft of the shop/barn which can house about 10 cars and 4 horses.  There was a side room in this barn with lights like this...P4200008P4200010 What is it? ENK thinks it's a room to grow pakalolo.  yikes!  

Stafford House on 55th 3   Yes, that barn is bigger than the 3,200 sq. feet house.  We decided that we'll stay put.  We'll save BIG time if we just work on our little projects and stay here. 

3.  Bible Study:  Pastor Um came up here for a 24 hour Discipleship Training here in Portland.  He'll be back 4 more times...  But with BSF and my Sabbath School Quarterly and another lesson I teach Sabbath morning to younger kids, that's a lot of preparation and reading!  I'm pooped.  I'm thinking about skipping BSF tomorrow. 

4.  Home improvement projects.  Why you think we stopped after that last bathroom?  NOT.  We put these lights up so that our kids can read in the living room.  IMG_7795 IMG_7801 Our ceiling is too low for lights like this but it sure is brighter!

3.  ENK and I are walking together.  It's a good thing. 

4.  I'm always doing the laundry.   There's always something washing, drying or clothes that need to be folded or folded clothes stacked on the stairs for the kids to pick up... 

5.  cooking:  I love to cook but I sure make a mess.  Why can't I just keep my kitchen clean?

6.   Allison was in a musical play.  She was a great looking pirate.  I pulled out an outfit from my own closet.  I'm shocked that I pulled out a pirate blouse in my closet for her to wear! P4200003 I need to go shopping!

N. Korea vs. S. Korea...

I guess I'm a sports fan.  I watch NCAA games, football, baseball, basketball...I like sports talk radio, and enjoying watching variety of games.  But I'm not as crazy as some fans that wake up in the middle of the night to watch a match!   My dad woke up 4 a.m. to watch a soccer match last week.  Two rivals: N. vs. South Koreas.  In preparation of FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, these two Korean teams came together in South Korea. The South Korean team won 1 to 0. 

But North Korea made an official complaint today.  As if they have nothing else to worry about...  They want FIFA to look into the matter that South Korean hosts had incapacitated it's soccer players before the qualifying game last Wednesday!  "It can be said that it was beyond all doubt that the incident was a product of a deliberate act perpetrated by adulterated foodstuff as they could not get up all of a sudden just before the match," the statement said from the North Koreans!

Come on North!  With all this attention on the long-range-missile launching... you got some bigger issues to deal with!