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Korean skin care....

We walked into a clinic on the eve of my departure date.  My cousin insisted that we just go ask... if I can get some skin care done.  I agreed but it was 5:30 p.m. on a Friday.  After walking in, they asked for me to write my name on a piece of paper.  My cousin wrote her number and her id.  The doctor asked me to inter and said he could get my moles removed and give me a e toning laser skin care.  What?  I was really going to go through with this?  After the procedures, I was covered in duoderm tape.  The next day, I looked HORRIBLE.  However, I got on the plane and we made it home safe.  After a week, it's looking better.   We loved our trip to Korea and wouldn't trade the time spent with the family with anything else.  Until next time Korea...  Ahn Nyung! 
On the last day, I had a chance to get my JUMS removed.  What an experience!  

Family Korea Trip 2019....

After 10 days in Korea, ENK and Randy left us in Korea.  They had a great time but after 10 days, they said it was long enough.  After we said our good byes, we walked over to Insadong for some quiet traditional tea time.  


We checked into the hospital guest room courtesy of my dad... He was the Director of Nursing School in the 70's and in honor of his service here, they allowed us to stay at the guest house.  It was convenient location across from the hospital and next door to this vegan vegetarian restaurant.  After unsuccessful attempts to find non pork dumplings, I was delighted to find vegetarian mandoos here.  I ordered pan fried and steamed.  
IMG_9511 IMG_9509

Grandpa Cho in the wall of past presidents.  The girls and I were able to visit the campus and see all the donors who contributed to the school in the years past.  

We were able to visit the SDA Language Institute and the local SDA Market as well... IMG_9504

Korea Family Trip 2019....

What's your sign?  
Allison was born in the year of the Tiger

IMG_9398 IMG_9423

ENK:  Year of the Lamb

Sue:  Year of the Monkey 

Lindsey: Year of the Rat IMG_9404Randy: Year of the Snake
 IMG_9459We met up with the Im Family for dinner!  What a surprise to see them at our hotel?  
It was Christmas Eve... Everyone and their mother was out walking in Seoul! IMG_9462

Family Korea Trip 2019....

Day 6: Today we went to my home base.  I was born at the Seoul Adventist Hospital.  This was my home church.  I lived within steps from this church until our family immigrated to US.  It was nice to walk the grounds where I played as a little girl...
IMG_9299 IMG_9288

We met up with ENK's eemo.  She was mother's youngest cousin.  She had many stories to tell.  It was really good to see family!  


Eunjoo was able to pick us up.  For the first time, we wrote in her car and went out to dinner.  The shabu shabu hot pot dinner was delicious! 

Family trip Korea 2019...

Day 5:  Seoul National Museum
It was right before Christmas vacation, the high school students were all out for a field trip.  They were hundreds of students, all wearing black puffy coats!  IMG_9179 IMG_9237
IMG_9193 Randy loves banana milk! IMG_9230I'm not sure if they are BTS... but we found them! 

IMG_9230 Store with all the Korean snacks you would need...  
This is EWA Women's University!  

Family Trip Korea 2019....

We watched a Netflix series "Street Foods" episode on this lady who makes Kalkooksu.  We visted her twice.  This Gwangjang Market is vibrant with food stalls that are excellent!  We really enjoyed just walking and eating what we can find.  First time eating kalkooksu for the kids but they loved the neng myun noodles here! 
IMG_8660 We tried to blend in...  but didn't do a good job.  Kids in front of Dongdaemun gate.  IMG_8866

We visited my cousin Eunjoo's clothing boutique and walked to Shindangdong.  It's famous for table top ttuckbokki!