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A new old car...


It's a beauty.  1987 Porsche with 58,000 miles.  Why 1987?  ENK says it's his year of graduation from HS and the year we met.  The car is looking really clean and pristine with one owner.   This one, he says will appreciate in value in no time!  This is his third Porsche.  The boxster that blew up on the Glenn Jackson Bridge... may it rest in peace.  

New Backyard Deck...


We extended the back deck so that we can step out for a bbq.  It's not big.  We wanted to spend more for the front deck rather than the back.  Nevertheless, it's looking fabulous!  Great job ENK!  I personally like the shaded back that overlooks the big trees.  It is a cool place to relax when the sun sets in the evening.  

No laundry for a week!


This is our laundry room.  Grey 12 by 24 tiles with darker grout looks great.  Just one more day of painting the walls and the trims should be good for our washer and dryer to be installed.  We can't wait for our us to do the laundry again! CA3A1B0A-AD4E-4411-AFB4-92AECBDF3CD2

We will install a 5 ft Kohler tub here once it arrives!  Same tiles will be installed here! 

Our inspiration for our wall...

Vaulted mid century home

We found this magazine article several months ago. (Portland Monthly) It was a mid century modern remodel in Portland suburb.  I liked this tall window and how it was dark against the view.  IMG_9272

So we painted the wall in dark charcoal grey to give it this look without spending a ton of money.  But looking at the picture closely, we not only used the dark window as our inspiration, we unknowingly bought the same Crate and Barrel Sherwood sofa!  That was a complete surprise!  IMG_8786