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Austin Healey Bugeye Sprites...


We went to a mid week car show at the Portland International Raceway.  I was pleasantly surprised to see so many cars... many American made cars were not to ENK's interest.  He only loved the British cars, VW's and many Porsche...

IMG_6253 IMG_5435
Our 1959 Bugeye Sprite...  Our first baby.  ENK brought this baby in 1996 before Lindsey was born.  He took it all apart and he restored it...  He loves this car but wishes he invested in a Porsche in the early 90's than this British car.  

Can't Complain about the weather....

I was going to. I was COLD watching Randy's last baseball game today. I reluctanly took my jacket but I was so happy that I did. I heard people complaining again about having to bring blankets to a July baseball game! Yes, I wish I had a blanket too. But I would rather have this than to be suffering from a major heat wave! I heard on the news that it's SOOOO hot in some parts of the states that people are dying! I love the Portland summer weather. Look at the weather for next week! Perfect Portland Weather! Not too cold, Not too hot next week! For our friends, the Sheh's who are visiting next week.... welcome! We'll make it just right for your family!

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Exploring PDX food carts...

Is it the latest fad?  Perhaps.  Food cart craze is now featured on Food Network about food trucks competing against each other, food carts are featured on various pulications like Sunset and other food magazines, there are blogs about food carts and other media outlets featuring food carts of other cities...  While Kogi trucks popped up in LA area several years ago, I was feeling jealous that we didn't have one like that.  Then Koi Fushion popped up and little did I know, there were unique eateries near PSU and other areas that were growing all over the burb like weeds!  (I love this website that tells you all about the food carts here in PDX)   You can easily have Korean burritos, with Thai noodles, to to falafals to schnitzelwich all at the same time!  The cost ranges from $4 to $7 per dish.  Lindsey picked up Thai red curry for $5.  We had it for lunch and dinner today.  Many of these dishes were large portions and quite delicious!  I haven't ventured too far but I am hearing about so many carts that I would like to try....  Food carts 002
Food carts 004 
For the first time today, we finally lugged the family out to 3rd and Washington Street.  We went to Built to Grill where it has a window sign that reads. "We are an Italian Cafe, not a fast food trailer"  Yes, the food didn't taste like fast food.  We ordered the Tuscan chicken penne  that came in a small takeout box steaming hot with big chunks of grilled chicken, roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, fresh basil and shaved parmesan cheese!  This was delicious.  ENK and I will definetly return and try some other pasta selections.  Of course we had to try eating at another Korean fushion cart named Korean Twist.  We ordered the Korean burrito.  Yup, really good with kochujang marinated chicken.  The girls tried something Thai.  It seems that Thai vendors were abundant.  We just chose the cart that had most patrons just hanging around outside.  Overall, for $25, we were quite full and satisfied.  We were lucky to find a small table and chairs so we chose to eat there.  We put all our food in the middle and ate it "family style".  We heard about this crepe place but didn't think it was here at this location... maybe next time. 

On a whim...

ENK and I went to look at a home in Altamont area of Happy Valley today.  The house was perched high on the hillside with a magnificent view of the city and all it's glory.  You can clearly see the Willamette River and all the bridges...WOW was all we can say as we walked around the house!  This foreclosure house was priced lower than the market price, so we decided to go see it.  We can see our family living there... but did not love the size of the rooms and the steep location.  Man, the view from the living room was to die for!  We briefly thought of us on the EASTside, closer to our HV entourage....but we're too lazy to put our house on the market and relocate...Feb08_011 Feb08_001